LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING YOU ALREADY KNOW…you have NEVER seen a cake smash like this before!!!

Marco’s parents, Anna + Marco (well ill let you guys be the judge of who really wanted this theme over mickey mouse) came to me and said they wanted something different for their special little guys birthday photos. After working with this family many times in the past, I knew I had to make this session extra special for them. I love creating custom set-ups and if you don’t know me personally, just know that when I get an idea in my head, I HAVE to make it work – hence the boxing ring I got my dad to help me make (thanks papabear!)

Anna, Marco & Ella – Thank you for always trusting me in capturing your beautiful family. You guys have welcomed me with open arms into your lives and just know Im never going anywhere!
Marco, you are definitely going to be a little heartbreaker when you are older! Wishing you a very happy first birthday!!