I’ve said it before and ill say it again –  Im so blessed being able to do something I love and get to work with such amazing people (and the cutest little ones too). One year ago, I meet two very special twins, Layo + Valentina (see their newborn blog post here!).  This past year, I’ve watched these little ones grow (thanks to Instagram and a few sessions in between) and I can’t believe its their big special day! Turning one is fun! And turning one with your twin is even better! Layo + Valentina are truly the best of friends and its easy to see that at such a young age, they are always there for each other.

Surprising, only one of these cuties was actually interested in having cake! Good job Miss V!
While Mister Layo wasn’t interested in getting dirty and would rather have a cookie instead.
Although they are best friends, they clearly have their own little personalities!

Happy first birthday kiddos! I can’t wait for our family session next year!

Zia Laura


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