Meet the new addition to the Z family, Olivia!

With just a few days into the world, she is loved so much by so many people and I was very excited to meet her too! To me, she is a perfect little mini-me of her beautiful momma, which is why she already had her proud papa wrapped around her finger (Nonna & Nonno too!)

Olivia, thank you for being such a sweet angel during our session. Amanda & Dave, thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful family at this very important time of your lives! Can’t wait to watch her grow :)

Here are some of my favourite photos from this session!



BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose001 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose002 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose003 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose004 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose005 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose006 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose007 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose008 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose009 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose010 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose011 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose012 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose013 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose014 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose015 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose016 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose017 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose018 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose019 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose020 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose021 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose022BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose028 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose024 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose025 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose026 BabyLovePhotography - OliviaRose027