About a year ago today, I got to meet a very special little boy, Luca. For his newborn session, I spent the afternoon with Luca and his awesome parents, Amanda + Mike, and it was a blast. Amanda had some ideas for what kind of theme she wanted to do for this birthday session but I think we picked the BEST and most perfect theme for this special little guy.(View Luca’s newborn session HERE and see if you spot a certain photo we decided to use as inspiration for this session!) If you haven’t noticed, this family LOVES Super Mario (it was also apart of their wedding cake too!)  so I knew I had to create something perfect for them.

I must say, I LOVED creating this set up! My favourite piece has to be the fire piranha, which I will happily display in the studio, so thank you Amanda + Mike coming up with this adorable theme. As you can tell, Luca LOVED his cake – and I had no doubt in my mind before the session about that.

Happy First Birthday Luca!


Luca - Cake Smash 004 Luca - Cake Smash 008b Luca - Cake Smash 023b Luca - Cake Smash 027b Luca - Cake Smash 030 Luca - Cake Smash 032 Luca - Cake Smash 034 Luca - Cake Smash 044b Luca - Cake Smash 045 Luca - Cake Smash 047b Luca - Cake Smash 060b